Monday, October 17, 2011

Hail to the Red....oops......Cowboys?

Several months ago I blogged about the baby nursery I was working on, promising to post the final results.  Well, things got hectic but I finally made it back to take a few pictures of the finished room. 

This loving little family was on a very tight budget but wanted to have a cozy nursery to bring their angel baby boy home to.  Daddy is a huge COWBOYS fan so that was the theme they selected for the nursery.  Being a "Redskins" fan for years, I must say it was a tall order bring those rivals to life!!  But, that's what I do...listen!

The clients were thrilled !!

Here is the start

Taping a wall to paint...always the tedious part...but the finish product is always worth it.

Ta Da...the finish...


Added the valance over the closet to give some dimension to the room

I took these pictures of Wyatt at the hospital when he was born...framed for the nursery wall

When I saw this caption, I knew it was perfect for over his crib.....still moves me every time I read it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Girl's Dream....

My latest "adventure" was a tall task.  A four year old's bedroom.   I sat down with my youngest "wide-eyed" client to learn a little bit about what she wanted.  "Well...I want butterflies and flowers and I want all the colors!"... So, okay, I ask "What are your very favorite colors?"  "Pink and Purple...but you can do other colors too".....

This was no small challenge I tell you.  My client is very much a girly girl who wants to play with dolls, and cook for them in her little kitchen and dress up like a fairy princess everyday.  In preparation I had to remember....this child is going to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY in this room so it has to be something she can actually enjoy not just look at.

End result......all the things she was looking for!   Another life "Touched".  This was truely one of my favorite projects for one of my very favorite little girls....Your Noni loves you Robin.

It wasn't exactly this messy but I took the pics after I starting moving things out

Her Favorite Colors!


Room for Toys

Dress up Corner too.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Making a Come Back !!!!

Yes, it sure has been a while since I've posted.  Honestly, those of you who know me can get it.....its been crazy!!  Trying to launch this business and still work my other job has been a bit more than I bargained for.  NO FEAR However.....I've finally got this thing all nailed down.  And I am back to work on both fronts!

So, without further ado......I will be posting the final outcome of the Nursery this week.  It turned out so adorable.  I've just tried to give Mommy and Baby time to settle in before I bring back the camera.

Next Project is on the books.......A living room/dining room make-over starting in June!  Fantastic.  Will be blogging as a go along.   Looking forward to adding the "touch".......

Friday, February 11, 2011

Occasions.....not your Mom's idea !!!

The added "Occasions" to my logo is my passion for party planning ....  Creating an atmosphere for your event is a challenge I love.  

Currently, I am planning a baby shower for my niece.  Gone are the days of your Mom's shower....I stay away from crepe paper,  using "blue or pink" only, and the little mini milk bottle give aways.

The color palette for this occasion combines greens & browns.   Use ribbons and your imagination !!  Shop around at different venues..don't try to match it all at once at the party store.  You'll go crazy!

Shown here, just threading a co-ordinating ribbon thru the serving platter plays up your color theme.   There are plenty more surprises and touches to add to this occasion, but, stay tuned...don't want to ruin the excitement for the guest of honor or her friends.

The Nursery !!!!

This is by far one of my favorite projects.  A baby's nursery. 

My clients gave me the theme they were looking for but other than that, I have free creative reign to bring whatever "touches" I want to make the room come to life.

So, I'm not going to give it away too soon, but here are the beginnings.  Follow my blog and see if you can guess as it comes to life!
The Beginnings

Step One

Next step, second Color

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little goes a LONG Way....

I'm always going around my house saying "I need a project!" keeps the creative juices flowing.  However, like many of you, what the heart wants and what the wallet has, are two different things.  Fear not my friends!  For under $100 you can make over a room just enough to get that "wow" effect by using color.

As pictured here, painting the header wall between the kitchen and the living room a dramatic color (Pomegranate), makes the entire living space come alive.  A few dollars spent to update old picture frames to incorporate the color gives life to the basic white bookshelf.  The pie cabinet in the kitchen also compliments the look.   

Try to think ahead a little when you begin your interiors.  Putting together a storyboard will help so much.  Cut out pictures of things you love and colors you enjoy.  Then begin one step at a time bringing it all together. 

My story came to life over a period of a year and I am still adding on when the budget allows.  This entire space started with white walls, beige carpets, and plaid curtains (the man in my life).   The transformation has been a joy!

Monday, December 27, 2010

That time of year when you want to start all over? New Years !!

They say that with the New Year comes the feeling that you must make a FRESH  START on your life...promises to keep, resolutions, clean out the clutter..and so on.
 But REMEMBER....everything old can be NEW AGAIN!

Lets face it, you blew that tight budget you promised yourself at Christmas right?  Maybe put a little more on the credit card than you wanted to?  Then there were those unexpected guests you had to take care of?    So, how do you make a fresh start on a dime?  Its a little easier than you might think,  There are so many treasures around your home that you haven't even thought about incorporating into a new design.  Whether you want to go Shabby Chic, Bazaar, Country, French or Cozy Cabin...I bet your inspiration is tucked away somewhere and you never even considered it. 

If you are ready to make that bedroom just a tad more romantic, your bathroom a little more inspired or maybe your home office space a functional yet fun place that fits your flair...lets sit down and talk.  Lets walk thru your home, root around in your attic or basement, or go to your grandmas if we have too...together we will find that starting point and turn something old into something new again, just for YOU.
Barcelona's Vintage Tours