Monday, October 17, 2011

Hail to the Red....oops......Cowboys?

Several months ago I blogged about the baby nursery I was working on, promising to post the final results.  Well, things got hectic but I finally made it back to take a few pictures of the finished room. 

This loving little family was on a very tight budget but wanted to have a cozy nursery to bring their angel baby boy home to.  Daddy is a huge COWBOYS fan so that was the theme they selected for the nursery.  Being a "Redskins" fan for years, I must say it was a tall order bring those rivals to life!!  But, that's what I do...listen!

The clients were thrilled !!

Here is the start

Taping a wall to paint...always the tedious part...but the finish product is always worth it.

Ta Da...the finish...


Added the valance over the closet to give some dimension to the room

I took these pictures of Wyatt at the hospital when he was born...framed for the nursery wall

When I saw this caption, I knew it was perfect for over his crib.....still moves me every time I read it.

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