Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Girl's Dream....

My latest "adventure" was a tall task.  A four year old's bedroom.   I sat down with my youngest "wide-eyed" client to learn a little bit about what she wanted.  "Well...I want butterflies and flowers and I want all the colors!"... So, okay, I ask "What are your very favorite colors?"  "Pink and Purple...but you can do other colors too".....

This was no small challenge I tell you.  My client is very much a girly girl who wants to play with dolls, and cook for them in her little kitchen and dress up like a fairy princess everyday.  In preparation I had to remember....this child is going to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY in this room so it has to be something she can actually enjoy not just look at.

End result......all the things she was looking for!   Another life "Touched".  This was truely one of my favorite projects for one of my very favorite little girls....Your Noni loves you Robin.

It wasn't exactly this messy but I took the pics after I starting moving things out

Her Favorite Colors!


Room for Toys

Dress up Corner too.

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  1. This room is stunning! I cannot believe what a difference - it is the perfect princess paradise that will be age appropriate for years!