Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little goes a LONG Way....

I'm always going around my house saying "I need a project!" keeps the creative juices flowing.  However, like many of you, what the heart wants and what the wallet has, are two different things.  Fear not my friends!  For under $100 you can make over a room just enough to get that "wow" effect by using color.

As pictured here, painting the header wall between the kitchen and the living room a dramatic color (Pomegranate), makes the entire living space come alive.  A few dollars spent to update old picture frames to incorporate the color gives life to the basic white bookshelf.  The pie cabinet in the kitchen also compliments the look.   

Try to think ahead a little when you begin your interiors.  Putting together a storyboard will help so much.  Cut out pictures of things you love and colors you enjoy.  Then begin one step at a time bringing it all together. 

My story came to life over a period of a year and I am still adding on when the budget allows.  This entire space started with white walls, beige carpets, and plaid curtains (the man in my life).   The transformation has been a joy!


  1. love the idea of a storyboard! It really helps keep the design and theme focused throughout development.

  2. Hey Toni, You just let me know when you run out of projects. My entire home is a project and you are welcome to it. I'll even take before and after pictures for your blog.