Monday, December 27, 2010

That time of year when you want to start all over? New Years !!

They say that with the New Year comes the feeling that you must make a FRESH  START on your life...promises to keep, resolutions, clean out the clutter..and so on.
 But REMEMBER....everything old can be NEW AGAIN!

Lets face it, you blew that tight budget you promised yourself at Christmas right?  Maybe put a little more on the credit card than you wanted to?  Then there were those unexpected guests you had to take care of?    So, how do you make a fresh start on a dime?  Its a little easier than you might think,  There are so many treasures around your home that you haven't even thought about incorporating into a new design.  Whether you want to go Shabby Chic, Bazaar, Country, French or Cozy Cabin...I bet your inspiration is tucked away somewhere and you never even considered it. 

If you are ready to make that bedroom just a tad more romantic, your bathroom a little more inspired or maybe your home office space a functional yet fun place that fits your flair...lets sit down and talk.  Lets walk thru your home, root around in your attic or basement, or go to your grandmas if we have too...together we will find that starting point and turn something old into something new again, just for YOU.
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